My father is 56 years old and has been diagnosed before all of these symptoms with HTN, CAD, and athrosclerosis. About 2 months ago, he was sitting at lunch and had loss of conciousness, heart palpitation, radiating pain down the left arm, angina, and severe headache. My mom rushed him to the hospital where he was admitted for atrial fibrillation. He had gained over 16lbs in 4 days. That night he again had the same symptoms where there his heart rate increased to around 100 bpm, where he was running bradycardic in the low 50's. His blood pressure spiked to 190/100 and returned to hypotensive in a matter of hours. They did a workup for both cardiac (EKG, Echo, Carotid, lab) and neurological (EEG, MRI of the brain) which all came back negative. He was released home after 4 days. His weight returned to normal upon dismissal.

He was seen by his cardiologist a couple days later, where he recommended an internal monitor was placed one week later. He was seen 2 weeks later after the internal monitor placement. His cardiologist stated that his rhythm was normal but still bradycardic. No abnormal rhythm had been detected.

He then told me that he was having short term memory loss. That in the last 2 weeks he has gained 15lbs in one week and had over 5 episodes of a severe headaches, feeling as if someone is placing a 5-6times to small helmet on his head and was holding it there, then having someone drill into his ear. Then once that happens, both his arms and legs bilaterally go to goo. His heart starts to flutter and he gets dizzy. He stated all of these symptoms to his neurologist. He stated that he believed that it was not his heart but a vascular problem (possible brain aneurysm). He then recommended him get a CTA scan. This scan was done today. During the test, he had a vagal response, BP spiked to 190/120 and heart was fluttering with dizziness. The admitted him to same day care, did an EKG that was normal and labs (do not have results yet).

IF anyone knows or has had this happen and has been diagnosed. please let me know. This is not normal but i can't seem to figure it out and neither can his doctors.