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Users comments and reviews on article Milk - It Does A Body Bad by JSun


my greetings for the article!
it is brave and full of unprocessed information.

actually,it is enough to listen to our bodies and we'll find all the answers.

exessive intake of dairies is not good,especially for's not necessary to skip it at once,but at least reduce consumption.
one dairy that,is healthy(if made from organic milk)should be the yogurt.originally rich in probiotics,it stimulates and protects intestines'health.also boosts immunity and recommended for intoxication.

it is regretable that it's us(humans)that have messed up things again and killing ourselves is what we seem to aim.

i've read similar articles by prof B.Gjimek.they concerned also industrial farming,meat and egg factories...stories written some 45y ago 8-|


A lot of this is rubbish. It is true that cows are producing milk at a faster rate because of drugs and other methods, including the way they are milked, and bovine leukemia virus does exist, but it cannot be transferred to humans.

Many allergies like nut allergies and seafood allergies are caused by not getting ENOUGH of that food when you are little, so your body isn't accustomed to it.

Milk not only rich in calcium, but is a good source of phosphorus and magnesium, which help the body absorb and use the calcium more effectively.

If you disagree with drinking cows milk, do you also disagree with drinking goats milk, that has been drunk by humans since the Neolithic Age, also known as the Stone Age, beginning in about 9500 BC.
Cows have also been used as a food source since about 8000 BC.
During the time that we have been drinking cows milk, we have evolved, but people living in regions without animals that produce milk (like people living in Asia) occasionally are deficient in ALDH, which is important in digesting milk.

So you, see, people have been drinking milk for a long time, and probably will continue.
It's your choice to drink other products.

ok, that was long, sorry if I offended anyone. -.-