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Consuming soda might be the ‘in-thing’ but it is important to educate the youth about the serious repercussions of being addicted to sodas. This article throws light on the health hazards of drinking sodas on a regular basis.
Gulping down bottles of soda might be fashionable but you must be aware of the consequences of getting addicted to it. The harmful side effects of drinking soda on a regular and uncontrolled basis cannot and should not be ignored. No matter how tempting and refreshing sodas might seem, it is up to the parents to educate their children about the harmful side effects of the drink and ensure that drinking soda does not become a habit.

6.    Increases Gout risk in males

A study published in the British Medical Journal in the year 2008 has revealed that regular consumption of sodas (five to six servings of sodas per week) increases the risk of gout in males who are 40 years or older.

7.    Causes Diabetic complications

Consuming diet sodas that contain aspartame might actually have a negative effect on diabetics. Aspartame makes it even more difficult to control the insulin levels and adversely affects the appetite of diabetics resulting in weight gain. Some of the negative side effects of aspartame include cataracts, retinopathy, and metabolic disorders.

8.    Leaches calcium from bones

Sodas are known to leach calcium from bones. The phosphoric acid in sodas promotes the excretion of calcium in urine and results in a loss of calcium from the body. Excessive consumption of sodas might cause deposition of excess amount of calcium in the kidneys resulting in nephrolithiasis. Loss of calcium from the body can cause osteoporosis.

9.    Increases the risk of stroke

Consuming soda can also increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Sodas contain a large amount of sugar which increases the presence of harmful lipids in the blood, which in turn could trigger a stroke. As per a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, drinking a sugar-sweetened beverage per day triggers a 20 percent increase in a man’s risk of a heart disease. Even diet sodas have shown to increase the risk of a stroke and heart attack.

10.    Causes dehydration

Sodas, especially diet sodas, are diuretics, and result in an increased flow of urine and calcium excretion. This often causes dehydration. Consuming excess of sodas can also have a laxative effect and can result in shedding of the water weight of your body.

11.    Increases the risk of cell damage

Most diet sodas contain a preservative known as sodium benzoate which is typically added to prevent molding. When sodium benzoate present in the soda combines with vitamin C, it produces a carcinogenic substance known as benzene which can damage the mitochondria of the cells. Damaging of cells can trigger diseases such as Parkinson’s and other neuro-degenerative diseases.

The acidic nature of sodas often results in the production of gluthione, an antioxidant enzyme. Moreover, when people consume too much of sodas, they tend to cut down on their regular intake of water, milk, and fresh juices which are rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the skin. This causes a faster aging process and the skin becomes prone to wrinkles.

12.    Increases the risk of aluminum-exposure

Not just the sodas, but soda cans too have a negative effect on your health. Most aluminum soda cans have a lining of an epoxy resin known as bisphenol A (BPA) which prevents sodas from reacting with aluminum. BPA is known to have serious health hazards such as infertility, obesity, and reproductive cancers.

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