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I was diagnosed with ADHD last January and started taking 54mg Concerta in July (not off the bat, gradually).
Since September I've gained 20 lbs. I spoke with my psychiatrist and he doesn't seem worried about it, but it's honestly freaking me out.
I thought maybe it was some other issue since my hair has stopped growing on my head as well, so I went to my regular doctor for a batch of blood tests (TSH, T3, CBC, ferritin, ALT, TP, Bicarb.. etc) and everything came back normal.
I do nothing differently then before (I was never super active). Also, I have almost no side effects from Concerta, I even get hungry all the time.
What's going on here? Is the Concerta making me gain the weight or is it something my doctor missed? I'm gaining 5-6 lbs a month and it's not stopping :-(



Maybe you don't need Concerta, if you've never been super active. Maybe you just need some counseling or other therapies. You should ask for another opinion. Weight gains is not a typical Concerta side effect. Causes of unexplained weight gain in men and women are: hypothyroidism, deficiency of essential fatty acid, medications, some serious diseases, blood sugar imbalance. Various types of drugs such as anti-depressant drugs, steroids, diabetic medications, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. leads to unexplained weight gain. Any hormone replacement therapy and also intake of oral contraceptives containing estrogen can also result in fluid retention and increased appetite.