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MY girlfriend and I religiously use a condom when having sex. Recently my girlfriend went to the doctor in order to get on the NuvaRing. From what i understand it has about the same effects as the traditional birth control pill, however it is inserted into the vagina as opposed to taken orally. Does using both the condom and Ring help reduce the chance of pregnancy tremendously or a little bit? Also, How long does she need to be on the Ring in order for us to start having sex and it be most effective???? thanks


Using two types of birth control at once: (or "going double dutch" as its affectionatly nicknamed)
i.e. One barrier method and one hormonal, is the best way of protecting against pregnancy (bar abstinance!), If you are both using these methods together correctly, and religously, then the chances of conception are incredibly slim! You are double protected, it is a significant reduction in the chances of conceiving!

so you do not need to worry! NuvaRing, like oral contraceptives (top marks on doing your research there), will begin to thicken the cervical mucus and alter the endometrium making it less likely to accept a fertalised egg as soon as it is inserted, it will begin releasing hormones. Although it may take a cycle or two to completely cease her ovulation. (However since you will be using condoms, you dont need to worry about it too much.