I was on the Nuvaring since late 2006. I recently just got off in July. I decided to get stop using Nuvaring because I was reading about how birth control effects your body and because my boyfriend and I decided to let "whatever happen, happen".

Before Nuvaring, I had really bad cramps and regular bleeding. When I started using the nuvaring, I loved it. I hardly cramped, (even though the lower back aches hurt a lot), bleeding was light-normal, I knew exactly what day my period would come, what day it would be done, and I could skip a period if necessary.

Since I've gotten off of Nuvaring, I've had a few minimal problems. I've gained 10-15 lbs., non-stop spotting (dark blood, brownish color), bleeding has been heavy and my cramps/back aches have hurt like before using the ring. My period has been coming around the same time (within a week) as it was while on the ring. My main concern is the spotting. It's not much but it's almost everyday. It's more annoying than anything. 

Also, my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex but I am not yet pregnant. I'm curious as to how long does it take to get the ring "out of your system"? We aren't trying to conceive, but we're not using protection either. Whenever it happens, we want to be surprised, although I must admit, I do want it to happen sooner than later. 

Any advice, input? Thank you in advance!