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I'm very worried that my girlfriend might become pregnant! We had sex the first time a couple days ago. She is on birth control for about a month in a half now. Her mom got pregnant with her on the pill but he said she missed a day on the pill. My Gf aunt was on the pill and got pregnant also. And her moms friend was too! I'm really worried! I'm only 16 and she's 14. We love each other alot and have been together for more than a year now. She's worried! I'm worried, I don't know what to do! Help me please! I prayed an made me feel better but this dark cloud keeps coming back to me :( I don't want her life to be ruined. She is completely against abortion. I'm for it by about 80% what if she does become pregnant? I'm screwed! I need help I've been told not to worry. But I can't stop. I've talked to a person online, a teen website that helps teens in need of help. She was very nie ad told me not to worry. My Gf will find out if she's prego or not soon. I'm not ready for a baby! Help!


see this is what happens when you don't wait. STUPID! Before I answer your question i would like you to know I am going to be harsh...stop reading if you arent man enough.

It is VERY possible to get pregnant even if you are on birth control. The only thing you can go is not have sex, to not get pregnant. condoms , birth control, and depo shots cant even stop pregnancy! 

It doesnt matter if it the first time or the 10th time! 

also if she is pregnant you need to man up! you are going to get a job and help her. It is your baby! please dont be put yourself in this mess. i am also can't believe you are in love at 16. Please, ugh. You can't understand how overused that statement is...She is 14! She likes justin beiber, makeup, and boys!

i pray for you! Sorry if I hurt your feelings. This is just so sad and stero typed.



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Hi I would just like to say that I to agree with what miramontage says and if you think your responsible enough to have sex then you also have to be responsible to handle the consequences if she was to get pregnant!
If you really loved her you would wait to have sex until 1. Your both me legal age. 2. That your girlfriend has at least had time to Finnish school!
What sort of teenage life is she going to have if she is pregnant knowing all her friends are out enjoying them selves and she is stuck at home looking after her baby?
Sorry if this offends but it is something you need to consider in the future!