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I have a girlfriend she's 14 and I'm 13, and she wants to have sex. We're both comfortable with the idea but I've been reading....

It's all those diseases and pregnancy I'm afraid of. She's a virgin but has had lesbian sex before, i.e fingering massaging etc.

I want to do it with her too but what should I do?

I know what your gonna say "Oh no you're way too young"

and I'll counter with "We love each other deeply and a lot"

and then your gonna say "Oh you're just a kid you don't know anything about love"

But truth is I do. She's the first girl I have EVER in my life revealed so much to. She knows my deep secrets, my dark past and vice versa.We've sexted once or twice but no pictures just text and it kinda got me on. So basically, what should I do? Should I do it? I feel like she's the one.........


I wouldn't do it. I'm 13 and I'm a girl. SOOOO here is what I've got to ask you!

Do you want to be with this girl forever? I mean like until you die. No divorcing no cheating...?

Are you ready for a child? Just because you use a condom with birth control there is still a possibility or BEING PREGNANT! Do you understand that being a parent at this age would RUIN YOUR LIFE FOREVER? Goodbye dreams, goodbye money, and fame

Does she really love you? I know you SAY SHE LOVES YOU DEEPLY! Have you ever thought that she is testing you? Maybe she is scared and if you say yes to sex then she will just go with it. She propablly isn't thinking this though.

I'm turning 14 and I'M TELLING YOU no girl my age wants to have her viginity gone RIGHT NOW! I would wait until you are older( sorry , but its true) ( 15 WOULD BE WAY BETTER!) All girls want is to fit in in school, that means losing their V-CARD. Trust me, girls love to know who's done it or not.

Please  just take these questions into thought? For me? I would hate for anything like pregnancy or anything like that. RESPOND BACK WITH YOUR ANSWERS! 




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I agree compleatly with miramontage...well said


I'd have to agree with Miramontage. And there for with the diseases, they aren't a joke. Some of them can really ruin your life. I caught an STD and I didn't know where it had come from but it was still stressful to get rid of it. Also raising a baby is no joke either. With Kids under the age of 4, I know it gets hectic. How about if ya'll two split apart. Then what? Really just use caution, but waitting like another few years is better and even if she's not sexually active yet; birth control would be good so her body would get use too it.