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8 months of neck pain finally got me an MRI - been referred to a neurosurgeon - but that could take months - I am really unclear as to what is happening (besides pain :'( )

c6-7 says relative c c stenosis secondary to broad based posterior disk spur complex

Complete effacement of the CSF around the cord and probable slight cord deformity, left slightly greater than right.

Minimal left neural foraminal narrowing

T1-2 mild spondylosis. The central canal and neural foramina appear patent ...
C5-6 demonstrates spondylosis
C4-5 central canal appears patent. There is mild left neural foraminal narrowing at this level.
C5-6 the central canal and neural foramina appear patent.

Should I push for a sooner appt ? Can you shed any light on this report ?


Have you found any help with this ? After 6 months of neck pain and numbness in right hand, i finally had an MRI...same results as you but not sure what the next step will be. Have you found anything that relieves the pain ?