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In 2007, MRI results showed, right parasagittal disc protrusion at C2-3 with thecal sac inpingement. Bulging disc at C3-4 with thecal sacx impingement. Central herniation at C4-5 with mild cord compression. Bulging discs at C5-6 and C6-7, each with thecal sac impingement. Similar findings at C7-T1, where apparent long-segment posterior longitudinal ligament thickening is seen extending at least as far caudal as the T2-3 interspace.

I will be 9mos. post-op on 6/08/09 and I am still experiencing spasms on the right side of my neck and I feel as if I'm choking. I also experience constant headaches. I expected some degree of pain after the surgery but not as much as I am having. Could the other discs be causing a serious problem?


That long after surgery, you should have recovered somewhat. I would hate to speculate on what is exacerbating your condition as I am not a physician but I can definitely say that you need to speak to a physician about this. It is scary to hear that you are having muscle spasms that cause you to feel like you are choking, but you should definitely have recovered from that somewhat by now. Please check with your doctor as soon as possible. Has anyone else had surgery like this?


Dear Sharpark,

Well, sorry to say, most people who have cervical and shoulder pain and neurological problems into the upper limb (limbs) do not have symptomatic herniated discs even if they have certain bulges, herniations, etc. They "just" show up on MRI and the docs do not know what else could be wrong so they just go with the MRI...doctoring by MRI usually is erroneous I surely think.

Do this: lift your arms laterally until they touch your ears. Hold them there. Do you have any abnormality in the hands...numbness, tingling, or a feeling of swelling? Do you have radiating pain down the arms?

Have someone press their extended fingers into your arm pit angling towards the neck...does that cause numbness or tingling into the arm or hand?

Turn your head towards the most painful you have numbness or tingling into the most symptomatic arm...could be less to the other arm also?

Sit on a chair and have someone press down progressively hard on your shoulders...relax them...let them you have more numbness, tingling, burning into the most symptomatic arm?

If these tests are positive to some degree, but meaningfully, you have autoimmune brachial plexitis and the arthritis in the neck "is there" but it is a red herring. That means that there is something obvious, but it is not the cause of the problem.

You might have had low back pain in the past or now and you probably have reddened cheeks, palms of the hands, and balls of the feet, also.

You may have more moles (nevi) than most other people and you might have small, round red lesions (angiomas) on your chest and abdomen.

Yours, Norsk10