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So i had sex the very next day after the end of my cycle (which was from Aug.20 -25th) i had sex on the 26th & we did not use protection & yes he did ejaculate inside of me... I take plan b pill 56 hrs later... Now before i took this pill I was notified tht Plan B isnt 100 effective anyways unless taking the pill atleast 24hrs after sexual intercourse which is best chance to prevent pregnancy. I feel like i waited for too long & then im also scared that its easier for me to get pregnant because it was right after i ended my cycle... i wonder by any chance, do it sound possible for me to get pregant & when do i take the pregnacy test????


Hi there~ from personal experience (I've had scares, too), Plan B is effective if taken up to 72 hours/3 days after unprotected sex. The sooner you take it, the more effective it is.

Of course, the pill doesn't work for everyone, and there's a very-slim chance that you could be pregnant. Take a home pregnancy test, or talk to your doctor~ if you are, s/he can discuss age-approriate options with you.

Good luck!