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Could I be pregnant?
Right, so I had the implant in my arm for two years, had maybe two/ three periods in that time. Then I had it taken out due to health problems and had consecutive periods after. I had the implant put back in my arm maybe 7 months later then had it for the full three years with only a couple of really pathetic periods. But this time despite being healthy I out on lots of weight. May of this year as it was running out I had a chat with my doctors and they told me to try the injection, depo provera. So I did, but it was horrible, I was horrible. So after another conversation with my doctor they advised to let my system have a break and after I have a couple of months of normal periods find another method, so I let the injection run out in September. I have regular sex and we normally use condoms but as it normally takes your system a long time to recover from the injection I thought no bother, I also haven't had even a tiny period in over a year.
However, now I'm having pregnancy symptoms, extreme fatigue, nausea, mood swings, tender breasts, bloating and I'm complexed.
Naivity, maybe, let me to believe the odds of me getting pregnant were pretty much slim to none, these also could maybe just be symptoms of coming off constant birth control for so long however I don't know.
I don't want to completely scare my boyfriend and tell him I might be if there isn't a chance, so I haven't done a test as its something I'd want to do with him. We have been together three years, have a stable and loving home together, so although it wouldn't be bad if I was, its not ideal right now - however when is it ever?!

I just wanted to know if someone has had a similar experience, or if it's in my mind, or maybe it's a phantom. But I'm wondering if anyone can offer any experiences.

I will obviously do a test if the symptoms preserve but I'm not sure when to do one as obviously I'd need to wait a certain amount of time after the supposed missed period - which isn't there so I'm not sure if I did one now the result would be strong enough to be picked up as its so early. Any advice?


Hi there

Fertility after discontinuing depo takes hell lot of time. Depends on your age, your health, and then finally how long you have been taking depo. Having stopped depo many women feel incessant bleeding lasting for months, while some experience nil. The same applies for weight gain, mood swings and breast tenderness. Some experience it more and lasts several months, while some don't. The same is true for Acne. I agree that chances of pregnancy are pretty much slim and symptoms may confuse you.

Suggest you wait for couple of weeks and then have a clinical pregnancy test done. Good luck



I'm 22, pretty healthy and only had one depo shot!
That's why I'm conflicted! I'll just wait it out another month and see where things lie!