I have generally had irregular periods due to PCOS. sometimes its too long like few months and recently till 3 months  ago, it has been too short like once in 2 weeks. When it is longer, atleast I knew I was ovulating based on discharge, but I wouldn't get bleeding that month. We have been TTC for 2 yrs now, after an ectopic miscarriage 3 yrs ago.

Last month, I visited a gyno and I went through a through checkup including to check blockage in tubes and all that. She prescribed fertile super 100mg to be consumed from day 2 of periods for next 5 days. This is supposed to give multiple eggs and grow them well. I heard it also regularizes the periods to some extent.
It was good to see the periods didn't come frequently as earlier, however, since we are trying and its already passed 20 days from ovulation, and I haven't had my periods, I am concerned.

I felt my vagina was sensitive and swollen and heated up, that I thought it was like yeast infection. But Got cleared by itself in 2-3 days. I have all kind of pulling, rolling, sudden pain in lower abdomen on left right and center near my uterus. My breasts have become hard and hurts if I touch especially near armpit. Its grown like 1 size more. I also have back pain, headache, mood swings, bloatedness(which reduced a little now), and now for past 3 days I have white lotion discharge. This is there for past 2 weeks. I tested pregnancy 2 times, and both are negative.

I feel I will get my periods now..now...but its frustrating to just feel like that, and nothing is happening for past 4 days.

Could it be a normal PMS with extra pain due to the medicine side effects? or could I be pregnant? Please share your views.