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I am new to this.. I already have a 2 yr old but i do not remember the signs with her.
I was 6 weeks late.. then i got very light brown discharge when i wiped.. with a little pink.. it stopped.. then i got 2-3 days of red and brown almost like a period but not.. it seemed different.. no pain nothing
I have all the pregnancy signs. The being uber tired, mood swings, extra saliva, lower back hurts, the feeling of being pregnant, etc.... it goes on and on.. my body is weird tho and urine tests dont really work on me.. unless maybe i am testing too early?!?! i kinda went crazy with the HPT and all negative. i also have the bloating and not really sore breasts.. but my nipples are tender and sore. odd probably I know. now does this sound like I am pregnant.. is that bleeding normal.. I remember gettin sharp pains before but with no bleeding and the doctor said it was implantation pains.. I am so confused on this matter, and there is probably more but i just cant think right now, i just need to know if this sounds like i am pregnant even with that 2-3 days of bleeding which just stopped completely didnt fade away to a light brown or anything.. just stopped....

thanks kindly


Your hormones can change because of changes in your diet, stress, ect... Go to the doctor and get tested.