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Hello ! Well first of all I am on birth control (Alesse) for 3 months a week and more away from 4 months.

My last period was in the third week to fourth week of my last back in November. And my period is supposed to come in a few days. 

Oh most of the times I take it on time, I never missed a pill. Latest I ever took my pills are 3 hours late. 

Last saturday (Dec 15) my boyfriend had sex with me 3 times and ejaculated in me when I told him not to and the day after he did it again. 

Soon enough I started going to the washroom frequently (for #1). I was constipated for a while but now I'm able to go #2 smoothly. Bloating in my stomach (sometimes really big) and I had lower back pains but its gone now. I was sometimes nauseous because of my birth control but this morning was weird. I woke up a bit dizzy but it was gone after I took a shower. I've been pretty paranoid lately but i went to the clinic and got a pregnancy test but it said negative. But im unsure of it being a false negative so I will go back in a week. Also I have no vaginal discharge what so ever. I'm just afraid that i might have unplanned pregnancy and I'm very paranoid.  Im not sure if its PMS or pregnancy.. 


You are fine honey! Since it is still early days - of the BC - your body will still be getting used to it! Actually some BC's mimic pregnancy with their symptoms (swelling, weight gain, nausea etc.) Even though that wasn't repectful - of your boyfriend to ejaculate into you TWICE! You are still covered! From now on - to stop any worry - have him wear a condom the ENTIRE time. When he is ready to ejaculate, have him pull out and ejaculate into the condom away from your body! Tell him that IF he keeps on pllaying with fire, he better be willing and able to take care of a baby for the rest of his life? Just because you are on BC has NOTHING to do with his own sexual health. Just say "No cover no lover" plain and simple! so just relax, your period will come on as regular! The more you worry about it, your brain actually thinks you are pregnant, so try and relax OK? Good luck and halth honey