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To begin, I'm 25 yrs. and I've being having irregular periods for 9 months now. I previously went to the gyno for testing b/c of this but the test showed everything was alright. My irregular periods usually starts off light then skips for a day or two then stays light/med for about 7/9 day. Now, I had protected sex on 1/14 and then got what I thought was my period 2/5 which lasted on and off for about 2 weeks. When my period ended I had unprotected sex on 2/22. I had some light bleeding on 3/13 which I thought my period was coming but it only lasted one day, it was brown and watery. I was super irritable on that day and hungry. I also broke out in my face. However, it's been a week now and I still don't have my period. The following day on 3/14 my nipples were super itchy and then the following day they were tender for the rest of the week. The tenderness has down now but some what still there. I have constant discharge but it's not smelly just annoying. I've taken two HPT so far (one on 3/18 and one today, 3/22) and both were negative.

I don't know what to think anymore. I have not felt tender nipples ever just tender breast and that was when I was teenager. To be honest I did want to be pregnant but now am worried that I may have something else.

Has anyone ever experienced this and been pregnant? I'm still hoping that maybe I just tested too soon.... %-)


Hi ya, Ive had browny discharge before my normal period before now. Not sure about itchy nipples but when i was pregnant with both of my children, my nipples were v sensitive. As for the fact you are waiting for your period to start again, try not to worry about it as your stress levels affect your periods too - in other words, if your stressing that your not having a period, it wont come!

I'd wait 2 weeks & do another pregnancy test if you still haven't had a period.