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We had sex it was both our first times. Used a condom I pulled out just to be safe and we blew the condom up to make sure there was no hole in it! Which there wasn't! However she is 3 days late for period and we are trying to work out how it would be even possible? We are both getting nervous now what are your opinions?


Hi Ryren,

My opinion is one of that you two will be fine.  It's normal for you to question the possibility but remember condoms are quite reliable or there would be a lot more babies in the world if they weren't.  For your gf to get pregnant she would need ejaculation of sperm to actually conceive, which you didn't ejaculate into her as you pulled out just to be safe.  There are many reasons for a females periods to be delayed and as she gets older there will be more times like this but it is not due to pregnancy.

Hope this helps and good on you for using a condom!