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Could she be pregnant? Right shes two days late her her period?
Right shes two days late her her period
We are both virgins, and we havnt had sex. How ever two days ago when her period was due, I put the very tip of the head on her entrance (no condom) I couldn


Two days seems not to be considered generally significant, as best I understand it (go visit a doctor or clinic, or search online for statistics if you want to know more accurately).

Also, if her period was due two days ago and that was when you pressed against her vagina, then she was way off her peak fertility (middle of the period cycle).

If she was dry, and it was an early fumble and foreplay, there is no mechanism for transport - sperm are SEALS not Rangers, they swim, and at the entrance to her vagina, they've got a 2500km swim ahead of them, so that's a much lower risk than an ejaculation inside her.

If you were dry or had very little moisture at the end of your penis - precum - it can technically contain sperm cells, but far less than actual sperm (ejaculation).

So right now the odds of her being pregnant are about the same as winning the lottery, if you buy a ticket - but someone does win, so incredibly unlikely isn't impossible.

If in doubt, check it out - go visit a doctor or clinic, ask.

Even if, if - and it's a big if - she manages a nearly miraculous conception, she still has the right to terminate, so at this point I'd say the biggest issue is you just got a big lesson in adulthood - one sperm = twenty years payments or dodging your responsibility.