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My cycle is never on time at all usually the latest is around 9 days this i had my last period on nov. 23rd. Today Jan. 8th i noticed bleeding when i wiped i put a tampon in thinking i had started my period and when i went to change it the blood was all brown not bright red like it usually is right when i start. The only time it is ever brown is when im almost off my period which makes no sense cause this is the first day. I have sex almost everyday with my boyfriend im not on birth control and we dont use condoms we use the pullout methed. I have took 3 pregnancy test since dec. 23rd all negetive. Could this be implantion bleeding?? Im also really senstive to smells and my breasts hurt but i dont know if this is associated with my late period


I advise you to have a visit by the gynecologist. Have you ever thought to start the birth control pill? or are you trying to get pregnant? I started my birth control pill in September 2010 but i stopped to take it now because i'm trying to have a baby. 
Anyway my cycle before the pill was really a mess. My period wasn't regular at all, always come late and really heavy. It got regular with the pill and always came the same day of every month. Now that it stopped, it's the same of before.
If you're not pregnant, the bleeding is probably perfectly normal, sometimes brown bleeding is just a build up of older/dried blood. Not something to worry about.
Really, don't freak out about it too much but you should probably take a test after, just to be sure!

Good luck!