I just stopped using the ring at the start of October and my last period was 10/18-four days of heavy bleeding as usual (normal cycle 28 days on and off birth control period has always been the same). My husband and I are trying to get pregnant with baby three and we did the deed twice while my discharge indicated ovulation and was right on for time of ovulation with cycle. A little over a week after ovulation I started to have a brown discharge. I was thinking it was implantation bleeding as it started too early to be a period and there has been no "flow" of blood. In fact the only time I've seen red blood was once during a bowel movement and once the next day in my underwear I had some clear discharge with a little red blood in it about 12 hours after having sex. My boobs are KILLING me, and I've beening going to the bathroom more than twice as much as usual...heartburn just like with previous two pregnancies and a little neausea. Today I was supposed to start my period...but no period, however also a negitive hpt (first response 6 day sooner test). I am still having some of the brown discharge that started a week after ovulation. What is going on? Has the brown discharge lasted too long to be inplantation bleeding and it's just taking 8 days to work up to my period or what? I am emotional but I'm thinking now it's just because I'm crazy!! Any help appreciated :-) At this point I just plan to take another hpt on Friday and pray for a positive and in the mean time pray that this brown discharge stops or it FINALLY turns into a preiod (I would prefer to be pregnant, but at this point I just want to know so I can stop feeling crazy! :-)