First of all, im pregnant. my last period was on the 24th of march, followed by a period with one day of bleeding. one day of bleeding is not like me, i usually bleed for 7 days. after the 1 day period, i then had a brown discharge and when i wiped myself after urinating i had pink blood on the tissue.

two weeks ago i done a hpt and it was positive. i then done a pregnancy test for my docs which came back positive so its obvious that im pregnant which im really happy about but 4 weeks later im still having the blood and brown discharge. as horrible as it sounds, when i have my bowels open is when i have a lot of pink blood!

i became really worried and went to the hospital and had a scan which they said i was 4-5 weeks pregnant and that the bleeding was from implantation bleeding. with my pregnancy being in the stages of 4-5 weeks my baby did not have a heartbeat so i have to be rescaned in two weeks time.

im just really worried about my baby as this bleeding is still happening to me! my bleeding and brown discharge has lasted on and off for 4 weeks. im just wondering does anyone know of this? has anyone ever had the same? please help....