Ok here goes... this maybe a little tmi but i am worried and not sure what is going on.

I am 25yo and I have a very regular 29/30 cycle. My last period was on the 26th Dec. I was tracking my ovulation this month because me and my partner are ttc. I don't know how right it was but i did ovulation test on the 5 & 6 jan and they both came up positive (i did test cause was having symptoms of ovulating). Had unprotected sex on the 3rd jan and again on the 7th jan where he got off inside me. I was feeling strange on the 11th jan like i was ovulating again so did another test and it also came up positive. can you ovulate twice in a month?? it confussed me.

Ok this is what i am really worried about. I'm due for my period on the 24th Jan (saturday) but on the 18th when i went to the loo and wiped i seen to really bright pinkish/red spots (thought nothing of it). Then on the 19th i had a spot of really dark brown/red blood just before bed had nothing over night (thought my period was coming but its too early). When i woke up this morning the 20th jan i again had this Dark brown/red blood with 2-3 very tiny clots. I have been using a tampon but everytime i change it, it is never full. Now this afternoon it has turned into really bright red/pink blood with the odd clot here and there. Could this be implantation bleeding?

My normal period is a lot heavier than this normally and i usually have cramps and period for 3-4 days. So can anyone help me as to why i started bleeding like this on day 25 of my cycle that is alot lighter. could i be pregnant?? anyone else had this sort of bleeding and turned out pregnant?

I'm hoping it is cause this is my 5th cycle of us trying to get pregnant.