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hello i hope someone can help

I have been off the depo injection for 12 weeks. I have heard from numerous people that it takes around 12months to fall pregnant and 6 months to get a period. I havent had a period yet but a few days ago i found a pea sized clump of clear jelly-like discharge, and every day since, but i now get a quick small pain in what feels like the walls of my cervix and then i can feel the discharge come out. Yesterday my nipples started to feel very sore to touch and they ache also. Today it feels like period cramps but no period..


could anyone help me. please :)


Hi Megone,

Sounds like your body is trying to sort its self out. After I came off it I got my 1st period 11weeks later and I had constant c**p about 2days before it started and lasted through out the period it was horrible. But obviously everyone is different so you may not get this. You could try the oral pill tat you stop for a week to get your period. It is possible you're pregnant if you are sexually active and have sex regularly. Take a pregnancy test if you think you could be pregnant.