Have had Epilepsy for 10 Years. More specifically Photosensitive Grand-Mal seizures; 4-5 over the course of those 10 years.

Started on Zonegram(Max Dosage: 750mg): Destroyed my appetite I lost about 15 lbs on the 2 years I took it.

Switched to Depakote (Max Dosage: 750mg): Started to develop small signs of depression (nothing serious), clouded thoughts and judgment, developed and diagnosed below average processing speed, nausea when I was bumped up to 750mg, Noticed similar lack of appetite after about 6 years of usage.

Transistioned to Keppra (Max Dosage: 750mg) while on Depakote (Current Dosage: 750mg) had severe mood swings and a feeling of mania however nausea went away.

Now I am transitioning off of Keppra however I am looking for an alternative to Depakote. My Neurologist was not very clear about other possible medications other then Keppra. Any suggestions of ones with minimal side effects and toxicity from possible epileptics.

On a side note I have been Borderline Epileptic for about 3 years with Depakote according to my EEG tests. I'm very interested in finally crossing over that line, with or without medication.