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If you are a woman in an emotionally abusive relationship, how would you know? There are many things you will see if you open your eyes and look at the situation realistically.

Abuse can happen to anybody, yet this problem is commonly overlooked and swept under the carpet. Most women think if they aren’t being hurt physically, they are not being abused. This is not true. Emotional abuse can affect a woman physically and emotionally, and most don’t even realize it’s happening to them.

Abuse comes in many forms. Even if there is no physical abuse or violence, an abuser’s language can be very demeaning to a woman. The most common types of emotional or mental abuse are witnessed when a woman’s partner undermines her sense of self-worth and this can be done through any of the following:

  • Constant criticizing of her appearance, parenting abilities, looks, weight, intelligence, etc.
  • Name calling, telling a woman that she’s crazy, nobody will want her and making fun of her and cutting her down in front of others.
  • Damaging her relationship with her children by asking them to get involved in belittling her.
  • Cutting a woman off from her family and/or friends in order to control her.

Signs And Symptoms Of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can bring about many changes in a woman’s personality and/or actions, and some of the following things could indicate she may be a victim of emotional abuse:

  • Threats and/or attempts of suicide
  • Using negative names or terms to describe herself is a sign of being beaten down and emotionally abused
  • Being careful of everything she says and does
  • She won’t talk about her relationship or let anybody know what’s going on
  • Sexual abuse, she may be made to feel like a sexual object
  • The abuser doesn’t trust the woman and checks up on her constantly
  • The abuser doesn’t value the opinion of his partner
  • The abuser sends violent or threatening messages to the woman
  • When speaking to friends or family, the woman might hang up the phone suddenly with no explanation
  • The woman gets blamed for everything that goes wrong
  • The woman’s actions are constantly monitored and/or controlled
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • The woman may not be able to have financial freedom due to the abuser controlling the finances
  • Threats are made to the victim to keep her from leaving the relationship

How To Recognize An Abuser

Emotional abuse constitutes a pattern of behavior that’s perpetuated over time and it’s designed to control another person through the use of various terror tactics. An abuser could manipulate, deceive, threaten, and intimidate, emotionally blackmail, verbally abuse, coerce or humiliate his victim as a means of controlling her. Even normal individuals occasionally engage in this sort of unacceptable behavior from time to time, but the key to spotting an abuser is through the consistency with which it happens.

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