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Hi. I have the same problem and i don't know what to do.In June I had a laparscopic surgery . they cut off my cyst and it appears now again and its nearly 7-8 cm .I have pains .. Some doctors tell me that to take off my spleen because this cyst will appear again and again,others tell me that I can live with it inside me, I can get pregnant and do active life, but unfortunately  a don't have healthy life, i have pains i can say every day..Please tell  me what is the best for me,,, I will be very grateful Thank you 


Hi Anila,

There are many variables to consider.  Do they know the cause of the cyst?  I'm assuming it's benign.

I would suggest you see another doctor for a second opinion before you consider having your spleen removed, a splenectomy.

Good luck.