I am a now 73-year-old female, 16 years post mastectomy for breast cancer so I was quite concerned about 18 months ago when I discovered this "lump" just under my jaw, below the ear on the left side of my neck. I was referred to an excellent ENT who did a punch needle biopsy of the fluid and it came back benign but the lump was slowly increasing in size. (A post cancer patient doesn't like to leave these things untended.) So about 3 months later then I asked for an ultrasound and a needle aspiration. He did a fine needle aspiration under ultrasound guidance. The ultrasound just showed a fluid filled cyst (thank goodness no tumor) and he aspirated fluid that looked a great deal like water, almost colorless and benign on lab evaluation. My cyst is much smaller than those described on this site, it seems to only be about the size of a walnut, my family physician estimates it now at about 3 cm. I am scheduled to have this removed as an outpatient procedure in mid-January and the doctor has described the possibility of disruption of smile from facial nerve disturbance during the surgery which should clear with the healing process. He has said I would need to have someone around for a few days, but I have not heard anything about the pain so many speak of. My cyst is painless and has always been so. I had a serious broken arm about 10 months ago on the right (surgical neck fracture of the humerus where I literally broke off the humeral head - the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life, Rush rod inserted 16 days after fracture) and still cannot sleep on the right side. This cyst is on the left side.

I am scheduled for 2 dental crowns (the prep 2 days before the surgery) and the implanting of the crowns 12 days after the cyst surgery. This site makes me wonder if I am going to feel good enough to sit in the dentist's chair for the time necessary to put on the two crowns less than 2 weeks after the surgery. If I am not, perhaps I need to delay the crowns or have another needle aspiration instead of the surgery. When I had the aspiration previously, the cyst had filled up again within about 4-5 weeks but in a year's time it has only increased from about 2 to 3 cm. Any word from anyone would be appreciated. Thank you.