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I have been diagnosed with a cyst on my spleen. it is 11cm x 15cm x 18cm and my spleen is to be removed.
I have been given very little information as to what to expect before and after the procedure.
I still dont know when my surgery will be but i know my GP marked it up as urgent.
On speaking to the hospital im on a dummy list and it could be weeks even months. My doctor wont let me go back to work until its done and im healed as my job is quite physical but i dont get sick pay and have applied for incapicity benefits but i cant give them the info they need to start the claim - eg hospital details and surgery date so have no money coming in at the moment. Which is very stressful.

How urgent is this operation? eg in respects to my health.
Am i right to stay off work - could it cause damage if i went back?

My worry is being off for months just waiting for this and if it is urgent as my doctor says - why are they making me wait so long or not just setting a date instead of putting me on a dummy list whatever that is?
If a dummy list s like a reserve list which is all i can think of - i still have no idea on if i have to do anything to prepare in advance for the op or anything so am getting quite worried and flustered.

I went to my doc surgery today to see if i could get an appt with him as the hosp said the only way to speed it up is if through my gp. I cant get an appt for 2 days and the nurse wouldn't even give him a message for me as he said he wanted to be kept informed of anything i think he needs to know, she was really horrible and i spent the next two hours in tears from my encounter with her. I have no doubt he will be angry when i tell him she broke me right down the way she did. It was totally uncalled for so thats why im here on this site today to see if i can get some answers or re-assurance as to how urgent this operation is and whether i should be off work resting up in the meantime?

Thanking you in advance

Laura x


Hi Laura,

The cyst you have is fairly large. Mind you, I have not seen it, but I think you would be well advised to follow the doctors recommendations as to not working, in a physical capacity. The spleen can bleed very severely if damaged and it could be fatal.

Make the appointment with your GP. Tell him your concerns and what is going on. Go around the nurse, go directly to the doctor.

After surgery, depending upon the procedure (open or laparoscopic), you will usually be in the hospital at least overnight, maybe 3-4 days. There are really no restrictions on your activities after recovery, maybe 6-8 weeks. You will lead a normal life. You will be more susceptible to infection and need to see your doctor immediately if sign of infection appear. You will be advised to keep your immunizations and vaccinations up to date.

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any questions/concerns, and let us know how it goes with the doctor.

Good luck!