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I have a large boyle or cyst on the under side, on the shaft, near the base of my actualy formed aproxamatly 5 years ago as a small hard bump and it has grown over time..unfortionatly I have not had any medical attention for this condition, and started squeezing and irritating the cyst/boyle..It did not have any discharge at all..A few months ago I scratched it fairly deep with a finger nail witch coused it to get much larger and infected, and so I soaked in as hot as I could handle bath for an hour each night for three nights, and was able to pull the top layer of skin off of it wich revealed a hole or a cavaty that discharged alot of what appeared to be dead skin peaces all though they were very consistent and shaped in a V like appearence..I was confident that it would go away at that point..I was able to sqeez a great deal of pus or infection out of the one area for a couple weeks there after..The pain went away all though it doubled in size and now when I sqeez at it I get a discharge of what seems to be blood only much thinner in consistency, and it has what seems to be an air pocket..Can you give me some idea of what the condition might be?. or if it could posably be cancerouse?


My very first boil was on my inner thigh near my privates I had to go to the doctors to get it removed. I couldn't hardly walk it hurt so bad. And every now and then they come back so back the doctors. Why do we get them and how and why do they start ? I am a very clean person.