All throughout my lifetime I've randomly gotten these red boil/cyst like lumps. They start off colorless and I never notice them until I mistakenly put pressure on them. At that point they swell up and turn red. They NEVER reach a head and always seem to go away or at least reduce in size and turn back to normal skin color after a week or so. At first I thought they might be ingrown hairs, but now I've started getting them in places were I have no hair, my back, chest, etc. I've tried draining them before and I've never seen any puss or yellow discharge, only a liquid which could be described as watered down blood. I'd like to know what these might be as well as how to treat them. They go away with time, but sometimes they'll come back if I put pressure on them again. When they go down they leave a painless hard object under the skin, this object is usually very small in size. I've heard that these could be caused by stress which could make sense considering quite a bit is happening in my life right now.