Data collected from different studies that included nearly 9,000 men in the US showed that a regular tipple lowered the risk of heart attack. All the men who participated in the study were healthy non-smokers, with healthy weights and who exercised regularly. Their self-reported alcohol consumption was taken into account and they were monitored for the following 16 years to see if they suffered heart attacks.

Out of 9,000 men, 106 died of a heart attack. Although all of these men had reduced risks of heart attacks due to their healthy life styles, moderate daily alcohol use reduced the risks even more. Those men who had three units of alcohol a day or more were found to have very little risk.

It is thought that alcohol moderate alcohol consumption reduces risks of hear attacks by increasing levels of the "good" cholesterol HDL levels in the blood and by reducing the risk of clotting. Researchers alleged that doctors should not advise men to stop drinking if they are doing it in moderation.