New research found that people who suffer a small stroke could be in danger of facing a bigger one in just seven days. The risk is quite substantial but it can be reduced if a small stroke is treated in specialist stroke units. The chances for a quite bigger stroke are minor in that case.

Risk of stroke after transient ischemic attack (TIA) is substantial in about 5% of the cases and that means that one of 20 patients could have a stroke within a week after minor stroke. Researchers also found that the smallest risk of having a bigger stroke had those patients who were treated of TIA in specialist stroke units and the maximum risk was for the one who didn’t receive any kind of treatment after a minor stroke.

The results of the previous studies were quite conflicting about the follow up stroke within a week but this research sends a clear massage that minor stroke should be treated on time so the bigger one doesn’t appear at all.

Scientist agree with the fact that TIA is a medical emergency and should be treated urgently in specialist stroke units and it could lower the possible risk of subsequent stroke.