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I had an affair 11 months ago and the condom we used was extremely tight, but I was drunk, and hurt, and ending up busting. Had sex with her for probably 30 seconds while condom was busted. Immediatly the next morning, I began urinating alot. A week later I had blood tests for chlamydia, gonnorea, UTI's, test came back negative, problem persisted and about a month later got tested for HIV, hepatitis ABC, and had a urine culture done, all negative. Two months later I went to a uralogist and had a cystoscopy done and another urine culture, all negative. The excessive urination stopped, but my urine was beginning to be dark and cloudy sometimes, and penis would burn a little after urination. About 7 months later I went to an std clinic, and was tested for chlamydia and gonnorea, urine culture and HIV again, all came back negative. What could it possibly be? Please Help desperate.


It sounds like youve covered all bases as far as STDs are concerned. And youve been tested for these STDs more than once and they are still negative. This suggests that it safe to assume that it is NOT an STD.

By the way, Im happy to see that: 1. you were careful to use a condom and 2. that you were responsible enough to go get tested and 3. that you are actively conscious about your health and wellbeing. KUDOS!

As far as the dark urination is concerned, I have a question you can ask yourself.
How long has the dark urination been happening? What is the pattern?

This could be an easily remedied issue of dehydration or something more serious like a kidney dysfunction. I dont want to alarm you with that so read on before you go nuts.

Are you drinking clear fluids like water or tea regularly? You didnt mention if that was something you already tried. So heres the thing. Bodies change over time and we can become dehydrated more quickly as we age. Are you sweating more these days? if so that needs to be replaced more often. Typically it is suggested that one drinks 8-8 oz glasses of water (or clear liquids) every day. I have also heard that for every 100 pounds you should drink one gallon of water minimum every day. That can be hard to do so I just drink as often as possible and this can include tea or even artificially sweetened juice mixes.

Also I heard that it can be temporary because of some of the foods eaten or even vitamin supplements can cause a discoloration which is MOSTLY harmless. I noticed that after I had been taking my vitamins for a few days my urine color got darker also. Everyone is different though.

If you change your drinking habits and/or vitamin regimine and this is still occuring I would suggest seeing your general practitioner and discussing your concerns with her/him. The B vitamins are USUALLY responsible for color changes in urine. I would keep track of the changes for a week or so as your body settles into the new routine (unless this has been going on for a long time continuously) and check for improvement. If after that you see no improvement or even if it comes back again later after continuing this, see your doctor. Good luck!



Stop the worries, u are fine first you need to buy some {echinacea Goldenseal}, take two every 4 hour and also buy some pure {apple cider}at your local whole foods or vegetarian store.

have faith in god.