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Recently I had a bubble bath about one and a half weeks ago with my girlfriend, which turned out to be used with hand soap (with i think purell in it). The day after we had sex (the condom broke as well), I had extremely painful urination and decreased urine flow. I almost didnt want to go to the bathroom. I looked in the tip and it was very red, however, after a few days it felt better. The itching is still there, and I am losing sleep over this ordeal, and also keep checking my glands in my neck to see if there is anything wrong.

There itching in the tip, usually is worse when I get nervous, or think about my problem, and after recent ejaculation, about 5 hours later I still had some clear discharge come from my penis. However, there are times when i dont even notice the itching or have any itch to begin with. My neck is also painful but i dont know what is the cause as there are no swollen lymph nodes so i think it could just be from sleeping in a bad way. Do you think there could be a yeast infection, irritated urethra from the bath and sex, or some bacteria from the vagina that could have gotten in my penis and caused these symptoms.

4 months prior to this, I had sex with the same girl and the condom broke, I got tested for gonorhea and chlamydia just in case but it turned out negative, also tested urine and said it was fine for anything else. Thought maybe its a yeast infection, Trichomonas, or possibly Herpes. Any thoughts on what I might have? Going to doctor next week just want to know.


dear guest i advise u to go see a doctor it sounds like chlamydia.