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I am a 23 yr old guy. On  24th of December 2012. I met a women online and she invited me her house. We cuddled and kissed passionately and she gave me oral with out condom and I fingered her  and with condom on I rubbed near her vagina. 

From second week of January I started getting dehydrated regularly with dark yellow urine and I got panicked and got tested for 4 stds(HIV, chlamydia , gonorrhea and syphilis) and was tested negative  for everything. From the last week I am having a feeling of sticky throat and rise in body temperature when I sleep and dry throat like feeling in the morning times.

I tense a lot my only symptoms are dark yellow urine in the mornings ,Sticky throat all the time and dry throat feeling in the morning and rise in body temperature when I sleep.


Can any one please clarify If its a symptom of any STD. I am scared to death and I am unable to sleep in nights.


Hi Namin,

Your symptoms are not specific to an STD.  They could indicate a virus or other illness.

It would have been very early to test for HIV.  At that time all you would really do is establish that you didn't have it when you met this woman.  Normally it takes between 2-8 weeks (per CDC) for antibodies to be detectable.  Usually we'd have you in at 3 months for a test.  If it was negative at 3 weeks odds are that you're not HIV positive but we'd repeat the test at 6 months just in case.

Hope it helps.



thanks Medic dan , I will again test for all std's this week