Hello,  I do not want to go in detail about my stupidity and wasting your time. I had brief unprotected sex with someone and two days later I had painful urination and discharge. I went to see the doctor and found out Chlamydia from the swab test. I was given cetriaxone 1 gm IV and doxycycline 500 mg. after a week symptoms did not resolve and I started getting pain in my testicles.  I got tested again and I was positive with chlamydia. Doctor asked me to continue with doxycycline for a week and gave me 1 gm of azithromycin. Moreover asked me to take 500 mg azythromycin for 7 days. It did not resolve the problem and I finally decided to see the expert.  The Urologist proscribed me with cefuroxim 500 mg and ceprofloxacin for 7 days. I felt better than before but I still had frequent urination, slight burning while urination and on and off testicular pain and discomfort.  Doctor told me that I have got Bacterial Epididymitis. And he prescribed me levofloxacin, anti-inflammatory like Meloxicam and painkillers. After 10 days of treatment, testicle pain was less, no burning while urination and less frequent urination but I still had swollen penile hole and bit of discomfort, slight discharge and pain in my left testicle. I noticed that I used to have burning feeling while ejaculation after masterbation I was asked to go for test again for all STDs through Urine, blood and swab test. Dr asked me to stop any kind of antibiotics for three days and go for the test which I did.  I went for HIV, syphilis and other yeast, fungal and bacterial infection and all the test came back negative. Doctor asked me to stop the medication and advised me that the symptoms are due to inflammation and said that it will take time to resolve the symptoms.  I returned to gym and I ran for 20 mins. Next day I started having pain in my left testicle. I still have discomfort on the tip of my penis and slight discharge in the morning or if I hold the pee for little longer than usual.  My questions,  1. Do you think the test I had was false negative?  2. Shall I stop levofloxacin completely? I am scared if the infection will come back again as I still have the symptoms specially testicle pain?  3. How long will it take to resolve the treatment and can I go back to gym?  4. Do you think the infection has gone prostate?  I am going to Europe for 15 days for business trip I am really scared and nervous what I should do. I should carry antibiotics with me?  I really appreciate your advice.  Thank you so much