I've been on Depo for 3 months now but I had unprotected sex a week later (stupid, I know). Before the shot, I hardly had menstruals and when I did, they only lasted for 4 days. Now I have been on my period for about 3 months (I got on about a week after I had sex) with the exception of a few off days here and there when I was just spotting. Lately I have been having headaches, I've been sleeping more than usual, and I have been nauseous. I understand those are typical symptoms of Depo, but a lot of people have been asking me if I'm pregnant and I'm starting to worry. My mother was so worried that she bought me a pregnancy test, which was negative. I may just be worried for nothing because it's not very common, but it's still possible.

Some women have regular menstruals throughout their pregnancy, I know plenty of women who didn't even know they were pregnant until it was time to give birth (they didn't even show, which worries me more because although it's pretty soon to tell, I'm not showing either), & the hormones in Depo can sometimes make a conventional pregnancy test read negative even when you are pregnant. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.