hello people ,

Im a bit worried about this: Can Depression lead to schizophrenia?

Why or how people becomes Schizophrenics? Sometimes I think That depression can damage a lot of your brain cells and you wouldnt come back to normal , Thats why you become Schizophrenic then!!!

Im getting worried about this thing I mean Im taking anti depressants and Im seeing a psychologists .The depression seems to go but Im still feels symptoms of anxiety for example I feel nervous sometimes if I stand in a que of people and one day I experienced Depersonaization . My doctor told me Its just a symptom of anxiety. Ive been noticing some blind spots or floaters you name them in my eyes too. I dont know if its from the pills or maybe I have another problem. Im taking Anafranil , Faverin(Luvox) and Lexotan (for anxiety)

Hey man dealing with these mental stuff its such a horryfying experience.
You think that you are going out of your mind or you re gonna lose it.

Its such a terrifiying experience for all like me anxiety suffers. But remember that you are not alone!!!

Please send me your replys on what I have said in my comment I will really appreciate if someone proessional will answer me back.

Thanks a lot Regards

From Malta