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i use to smoke alot of weed i stop for a year know i strated smokin but 2 years back i caught a real bad panic attack everything was moving fast and it felt like a dream i waz waking up screaming and felt really weried know i wanna smoke again how can i control this reactions ?? :-) :-(


i have the same problem except i never stopped... all of the sudden i feel like everything moves really fast and i get really freaked out. my heart hurts my lungs feel like their swelling up like you said, a panic attack making it hard to even breathe. i feel like i'm going to die and i'm not sure if going to a hospital would help. i tremble alot and pretty much cry thinking about how i'll never again do it because it hurts so bad and makes me feel like i'm going to die.. heart attack or something. i just don't understand how i went from never being able to smoke enough, being able to smoke bong hit after bong hit all day non stop to not even being able to take one half of one hit off of a small pipe or joint... and definitely not from a bong. how did this just start happening out of no where??? id love to quit but i don't know how to just go cold turkey... and really i love weed it relaxes my adhd and just helps me relax after working a really really hard day. wtf is up????? please help!


Hey ppl

I used to have panic attacks since last May 2008 . I used to take lexotan and faverin for depression. I had a lot of side effects from this rubbish especially too many depersonalization or feeling you are in space.

My family doctor stopped my lexotan and faverin lowered to 25mg from 50 mg which i had used to take before.

Im taking Xanax 0.25 mg and my life starts to get better .

I would reccommand this pill to anyone cause i founded very difficult to find the perfect medication for me. PPl DONT GO TO PSYCHIATRISTS THEY MAKE YOU FEEL MORE INSANE BELIVE ME!!!

I DONT TRUST THEM ANYMORE I was getting freaky panic attacks from nothing feeling paranoid about ppl and seeing everthing dull.

Now my life is changing little by little but i feel more comfortable and im start to enjoy the things i used to do before.

May God bless you all and i hope u will be better like i did . You have to win yourself everytime.!!!

regards from Malta