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hi good people

im 29 years of age and i suffer from depression . With it i have a serious symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks which i think they come together this two .

At night i sleep good but sometimes i got some disturbed nights . Like wake up in the middle of the night and couldnt go back to sleep.

Sometimes im afraid of my panic attacks . Especially when i try and take a rest in the afternoon . I would wake up in a panic state ( short breathing, vision shake, electric sensation inside my head or other part of the body!!!) .

Help ppl im really scared . I cant stand this feelings anymore. I think that im going crazy all the time. Sometimes I feel depersonalization like everywhere seems to go foggy and in a dream like:((((( I see floaters in my eyes too . They look like blindspots ,cobwebs can they be a symptom of my anxiety???

I dont want to die or end in a mental sanitarium . I dont know how people get out of this monster..

My depression is effective more in the morning and after afternoon. In the evening its seems to fade away and i come back to normal. I will get tired around 9.00pm and feel easy to sleep.

What can it be??? Im on Luvox anti depressant 50 mg morning -50mg bedtime but i dont know if they are working or not and xanax 0.50mg at night..

Your replys will be much more than grateful


Gil From Malta


Maybe you should tell your doctor about these symptoms. It could be that the medication you are on is not helping you, making your depression worse or your dosage might need changed.
There are different types of anti depressents and maybe another type will help you.