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Hi Everyone,

Can Somebody explain to me if Blind Spots are harmful .? plz!!!

Ive noticed them sometimes when I drive I see them like small floaters going down in my left eye.

Can it be a first symptom of any brain tumour or something? Ive been dizzy for the last three months . Ive got tension headaches and suffer from anxiety and mild depression.

If somebody would reply plz cause im getting worried again:(

Thanks and regards ,
From Malta


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You call them blind spots.
I think i no what your on about. Its like black bits floating in your eye. But you can never quite look at them.
If so..... They are called floater. My partner went to the optis a few years ago. He could see them. He said they wernt dangous. It is actually bits of stuff coming off at the back of your eye an floating about. They went eventally
But you can get them checked if your still concerned, or if its affecting you driving. Hope that helps