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Hi Can anyone help?

I have been diagnosed with mild-moderate depression by my GP, he based this infor on my blood tests (they were all negative)
so he diagnosed depression , im not sure. He gave me some citralopram, which I have'n taken yet as I have been told not
to take it as its very addictive by some friends and family . I had three blood tests ver 4 weeks and they were all negative.
ie. for blood sugar, thyroid , Iron, etc

My symptoms are :.
Feel somewhat tired through the day
Eyes feel watery and heavy throughout the day, similar in effect to been upset and crying . (But I dont cry and dont get upset much!!)
Every day it looks like im looking through a pane of glass
I get really tired after work, when I need a nap for 1hour. ( I normally get tired anyway for last 20years after work)
I do feel mentally tired most of the day but not physically.
I did lose interest in some activities - but thats because of my symptoms - i think.
I can sleep for 7-8 hours at night without problems

Other things

1. Age 43
2. Work - stressfull but not to the degree that I hate it
3. Marriage - on and off for last 7 years , fell a bit dis-heartened but not depressed (I think)
4. I excercise every day - use the treadmill at the gym
5. play football once a week (feels like im there physically but not mentally)
6. have Mutivits every day
7. have 750mg of Fish oil with EPH & DHA

any help would be appreaciated


Also I though of taking St Johns Wort for depression as its a kind of a "light " - anti-depressant , anyone with similar symptoms to
me taken that?


Hello friend,

First of all welcome to this forum. Here you will find a lot of helpful hints from people from around the globe who suffers simialar condition. Remember first of all that you are not alone and there are millions of people like you and me. I said me , because yes , I have issues of anxiety and depression. Before I was very worse , but by time symptoms seemed to ease a little bit. Those symptom which you have mentioned on your post are all signs of depression, which brings to anxiety. As you I think already know depression and anxiety works hand in hand together. Many people who suffer from depression , issues of some anxiety symptoms too.

My depression was or I think is mild because sometimes I still feel depressed. I lost interested in many things I used to do before. I just came from abroad last week . I felt empty like nothing would lift me up even if I see my friends having fun and joking . I still worry myself and thats all anxiety !!!. You have to learn and talk with yourself that someday gradually slowly you will be out of it . You cannot heal immediately , but you need time for it. Hope thats its mild depression and you still do the things of everyday life... like you mentioned before ... going to work , exercise, playing football etc etc.. Keep exercising . Exercise maintain your body and mind in a relax state , plus they say that when you exercise you release a lot of chemical from your brain called Serotonin and that controls our mood . If we dont have enough serotonin in our brain we will feel down , empty , without energy and depressed.

To get over it .... first of all you must accept it in your life. Yes you must accept that you feel depressed sometimes and have anxiety. If you still worry worry and worry , you keep cycling around the same postion and you will never get over it. Accept your symptoms. Dont be afraid of them . Let them come. When you feel tensed and stressed talk to yourself and say . Its onloy anxiety this will pass sooner or later . Dont worry!!! If you worry you keep feeding your anxiety fuel and it will make u feel more miserably. I know its very hard to do it sometimes . I can truly understand your pain , because I have days like these and I hate them but I learn to live day by day !!!

Yes your symptoms are similar to mine . Sometimes my eyes feel watery and heavy like if im going to cry . Somtimes I feel like a sadness coming out of my chest and throat . I cannot describe it good!!. I used to feel mentally tired a lot before.

Yes I have depersonalazation issues like you have said (feels like im there phsically but not mentally) like you are in another dimension or in space or in a dream or something.

My friend these are all symptoms of anxiety / depression . You are not mad / crazy or psychotic. It just bad time that need to pass by time . Dont ever fight it, cause it rebounds on you . As I told you , Let it go and take it easy dont ever panic during an episode of a panic attack / anixety cause you will make things worse , Belive me , because Ive passed from it!!!

If you have any questions pls dont hesitate , feel free to ask . I know how difficult it would be living everyday like this ., but beleive in yourself that someday you will win and laugh your anxiety at your back!!!

Sincerly yours

Gilbert from Malta


Hi Gilbert

Thanks for your reply , it is very helpful. I have never spoken to anyone with similar symptoms to me. Its very hard to
describe to people otherwise. Your advice is very helpfull, as I have had it now for over six weeks and it seems to just
drag me down in the morning and the day, like now. But I look forward to do things that I like , that makes me feel better. Also knowing
that one day it will go away is also good news, as every day I wake up thinking has it gone?. Im now more and more accepting
the fact I may have depression as your symptoms are similar to mine. Please let me know if you took any medication to get over it
and if so what youy took. Will the medication speed things up , or are they just something to make you feel better

many thanks again



Hi Kash ,

Depression /anxiety doesn't affect people the same way. OK the symptoms maybe similar but anxiety/depression affects every individual differently and the severity is different too. For example I would be more depressed at mornings and then in the evening my mood lifts up and I feel better. I have a friend of mine whos his depression affects him contary hes very good in the morning and in the evening he feels down and alone and sometimes he finds it very difficult to sleep. Try to understand that nobody is the same , every individual is different and have different symptoms too. My mother had depression / anxiety/ panic attacks and she suffered for 5 years without taking any medication (because she doesnt believe in them ) she now came over it and for her it was only like a bad dream. Another friend of mine was depressed for only one week because he read something on the internet about the end of world 2012 and planet Nibiru and he felt down by this news.

Just remember , keep yourself active and dont stay inside , then the day will pass and you will feel better in the evening I promise you. Socialize , join a group , hobbies or activities , dont ever isolate yourself or stay in bed. Sometimes I know there are days when depression hits you a bit stronger and u dont feel like to go out of bed . You feel weak and without energy . But when you have the better days , keep fighting it , until you discover you can handle your situation. Dont ever close yourself inside you . Talk with your family and friends who you trust about it. They give you all the support you need!!

By time you feel that the symptoms are fading little by little away . Keep up your spirit dont ever let anxiety/depression win over you . We have only one life and we need to take out the most from it. You said in your post that you wake every day thinking about it, Dont think or be obssesed because thats brings fear of impending doom for example you think that you will stay like this for the rest of your life. Depression is not an illness but its a state of mind and how a human thinks. Remember its all psychological.

I give you an example:

Before when I was very worse , my anxiety levels were very high . In the mornings when I woke up I always felt tensed and on the edge like something is going to happen to me . I started to miss work because i didnt feel like to go, and I was afraid to leave the house , people scared me . When I use to meet people outside I become full of fear and like feeling to cry inside I used to run away from them find an excuse and rush myself back home. But why I felt that way? Way I was afraid from people and from going outside when before anxiety hit me I was so full of energy , telling jokes to everybody and always wanted to stay outside and have fun??

So I realised that all of this was coming from my depression and anxiety . As I told you these 2 works together . People who suffer from depression have anxiety too usually. I faught it , I went out even though I was feeling uncomforatble sometimes and now I feel much better . Its only in the mind dear. Our brain is divided into 2 parts the concious mind and the sub-concious mind which is much smaller and we dont work the sub-concious mind a lot. The concious mind always thinks and thinks and make you believe the untruth . Like for example If you go out you will have a panic attack!!! . That how we think . Thats the concious mind . On the other hand the sub-concious mind is the opposite . The sub-concious mind is the determination let say of your self . How strong you are to complete a task. Like for example ... You wake up one morning and you feel tired and you dont feel like to go to work thats the concious mind. The way how we easily think. Then if you think deeply you start to work the sub-concious mind and tell yourself no today I definetly have to go because , I dont want to phone sick and stay all day home !!! Its worse , I need to get up and start the day like usually then in the evening I go for a nice walk in the park after dinner. When you think about positive things without knowing you will feel better, and you start to overcome your fear .

Im not a psychologist or something but I have learnt a lot from my friends who supports me and from other friends who had depression before .

For the pills I dont recommand you to start taking them unless you cant just cope without them . I take very low dose of 10 mg anafranil a day for depression and 0.5 mg of Sedoxil for anxiety. You have to be yourself and trust in yourself more than your will.

Medication are there to help but they only mask the symptoms and dont destroy them forever. As I told you , joining in a group of Cognitive Therapy may help a lot better than taking all those chemicals inside your body.

I dont say that I feel happy and Im ok but I know that I feel so much better than I was before . Keep beleiving in yourself and if you feel like crying go inside a room alone and cry your heart out , dont worry it feels much better , its a great realive to cry believe me!!

Try these steps which I gave you and you will understand more about how you are feeling:

Sincerly yours



Hi Gilbert

Firstly thanks for giving me a history of yourself it was very thoughtfull. I will take alot of
your advice and try and apply it to my life in the comming days and months ahead. Im also pleased to
see that you have come out of the condition and now have started to enjoy your life - as should be.

I did some gardening yesterday after work (this was extremly hard as I have lost interest in my garden) but will try and do the same
toda. I then went to the gym to do some treadmill excercises. I did feel alot better after .

This morning I didnt feel too bad and my symptoms were quite "okay". Its like when I dont think
about it Im okay , but when I start thinking its hunts me down and then I start looking internet to find out ways to counter it etc.

Anyway today I feel alot better, and hopefully this evening too, as with me the evening is the worst time - I'll try and maintain activity
in the evening until its ready for bed.

I wont start taking any medication as im scared of the side effects and also as it may not work for me, which is even worse.

Thanks my friend



hows going mate? . Did u talk to a psychologists maybe or a doctor??



Hi Gilbert

Im seeing a doctor on Tuesday next week, to see how things have changed since 2 weeks ago. Depending

on the outcome I might start taking some herbal stuff like st johns wort, otherwise I might see how it goes for another 2 weeks.

This morning I didnt feel that well , although not tired, my mind and eyes were telling me that something is not right . Im also

thinking of taking some whey/protein drinks - these i believe boost serotonin levels (if thats was is difficient).

Hope everything is okay for you

many thanks