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Hi good people ,

I dont know if there are profesional help in this forum!!

But i will tell you my case. Ive been suffering from anz\xiety related problems and some depression since May of 2008. Its been nearly 8 months now . Symptoms had been diminished by the help of friends and with some pills.

But I feel now that my symptoms are changing. I have daily depersonalazation its like im living in a daily dream . I have floaters in my eyes. and sometimes I feel real low and sad

Lately I noticed that my perspection of life has been changed. Its like im seeing life in a different way itsa hard to explain . I have foggy eyes and my vision is not so good I find it hard to concentrate especially when trying to focus on counting sums or numbers.

Plz I need help cause im really afraid now that im starting to lose myself or my mind. Im afraid that i can be shizophrenic or something similar:((((

I dont want to go to psychiatrists or doctors anymore cause they are not helping me and i start that im loosing trust in these profesional persons.

Plz God help me cause im really scared i really feel bad for ppl whos experiencing similar symptoms :-(((

plz help me with some of ure replys

Thanks a lot yours

Gilbert From Malta


i am also facing the same problem but dontworry its not schizoprenia iam not even feel my body i do lot of things to concentrte but nothing works me
i dont understand whats happening in my sorrundings in the world in morning evening or night every thing lool like same to me. last five years i
dont realise what happening to me i have no feelings about anything like sad or happiness. living like this is no  reason to me ,anybody here know how to live with this  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use