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Hi good people,

I dont know how many times i must introduce myself. Im a guy from Malta 29 years of age and i unfortunately like many others suffer from panic attacks , anxiety and depression. I had relapse depression.

I have this symptom of panic attacks which really makes me afraid of it.

When I have a stressful day of work i will return home feeling tensed. Then when I try to lay myself in bed and try to rest ive got this feeling. I couldnt sleep and i would wake up in a panic state my pulse will start to beat faster i could feel it in my head too. My vision starts to go numbness . Sometimes it is accompanied my electric shocks in my head too or in other part of the body.

Im taking Luvox/Faverin 100 mg divided in 2 doses been on them for a year now and now my doctor augmented my dose of xanax from 0.50mg to 0.75mg :-(

I feel hopless really im afraid of this monster. Sometimes i have good moods and i sleep very well . But others ill go down to the drain and i have deprived sleeping.

This really scares me too.... Sometimes when this feeling happens i could hear myself snoring even though im not into deep sleep are these auditory hallucinations .

Pls someone help me out there because i can feel im going real nuts and i dont want to die.

I dont know what am I going to do in the future if these symptoms persists I cant suffer anymore and sometimes I think that im better to be hospitalised or maybe I dont want to say it !!!! because i cant feel it yet and im really afraid to die!!!!

When I go out i start to have panics too like fear from nothing and from the people around me . I feel so fragile:(((xx

Please send me your responses if someone else encounter these symptoms i need to know because sometimes it makes me think that my symptoms are unique and are only on me:((((

Thanks and God bless

Gil from Malta


I am wondering if regular physical exercise may ease the symptoms of a panic attack. When you exercise, more blood will go to your muscles and maybe less will go to your brain where the panic attack starts.



I have panic attacks as well and they are overwhelming. I try to be curious about them rather than letting me be overtaken by them. i simply note that they are happening and I get through them. I think it's also good to focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply, slowly and evenly. Do things that relax you. Also as the other person says. Get regular physical exercise so you are tired at bed time - that will help you sleep.

God bless you. Don't let despair get you down. There is always hope and support.