About a week or two ago i started gettin headaches and dizzy i wldnt throw up bt feel nausea then last week I had like a creamy white discharge no odor and this week i have had an upset stomache bt i havent thrown up and i get an upset stomache in the afternoons when I do I have irregular periods but the last 3 months June July August I got my period on the 25th then the end of september i waited for it and i didnt get it my boobs dnt hurt like they did when i got my period and my nipples at times are sensitive I dont know what I should do should I wait a week and see what happens or take a test I dnt know need advice oh and i have been havin unprotectd sex for about a yr now with my bf oh and every once in a while wen i got to the restroom the past 3 days i get a clear discharge