I was told, I had Chalmydia over 2 months, ago. I went back, about a week and some days later to check and see if it was cured. Sadly, it wasn't. I then, got prescribed the same dosage (azithromycin 500mg) which are 2, pink pills taken at once. I have, yet again followed the whole "don't have sex for a week", deal: Its been a month and some weeks since I've been back to get check, I have an appointment this coming Monday. Anyways, my main question is.. Does azithromycin, really cure Chlamyidia or take more than once to cure you? Also, can it be harder for these pills to take effect while pregnant? (FYI, my dr. is aware of the pregnancy) I'm just really bothered because I feel I still am infected due to a smell in my vagina. People say due to pregnancy you just smell, everything. But.. I know my vagina and something just isn't right. Hopefully, I'm just being negative and overthinking. I just really hope someone can relate to this, just to either scare me more or make me feel better. Thanks a bunch.