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My boyfriend was tested for Chlamydia, instead of me going to the doctor too his doctor have him 4, 500mg azithromycin pills and told him to take 2 and for me to take 2 at the same time. I'm kind of worried seeing as how I never went to my doctor to make sure. I am on anti-depressant medicine. Is this a normal dosage for Chlamydia? Even with me being on anti-depressants?


Hi That,

Your doctor is violating several laws regarding prescribing drugs.

1.  Drugs are prescribed to a person.  It should be made out in your name, not your boyfriends.

2.  He needs to have examined you, or at least seen you.

3.  There are many drugs that interact with Azithromycin.  What are you taking now?

4.  The doctor knows nothing about your history, what meds you are taking, if you have any allergies, etc.  This could actually put your life in jeopardy if you had a severe allergic reaction.

5.  You shouldn't take any medication, especially an antibioitic, unless necessary. 

If it was me I'd report him to the state board of licensing or the appropriate licensing authority.

I'm actually curious if you boyfriend really did go to a doctor or just got the medication from someone else.

See your own doctor.