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Okay everyone. I was just diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and my doctor has given me metformin. I did my homework and read about metformin and my diet. The medication pamphlet said you can not have any alcohol while taking it. Oh, my goodness. I really like to have a glass of red wine before dinner or with dinner. It helps me to relax and besides I just like the taste of red wine. It has powerful antioxidants in it that are good for you. I assume I'm going to be diabetic the rest of my life so does that mean I can't ever have any alcohol, even once in a while?


Hello, I'm on metformin and I drink a glass of wine every day. You should be fine so long as you not a heavy drinker or any kind of liver dysfunction. The only think I can think of is possibly experiencing lactic acidosis. But, this is really rare and you usually have to have other medical conditions. I currently take 500mg of metformin 4 times daily and I drink a glass of wine every day. My doctor doesn't have a problem with it.


If you're wondering what lactic acidosis is, it is a condition where your cells don't get enough oxygen to make ATP with. ATP is the energy molecule that is make from the breakdown of glucose. ATP runs most of your metabolic pathways. When you are low in oxygen, your body goes into anerobic respiration and now glucose is broken down into lactic acid and gas. Lactic acid is highly toxic to your body. Symptoms associated with this include breathing problems (rapid), fatigue, muscle aches and possible vomiting. Again, it is highly unlikely for this to happen unless you are a heavy drinker and/or have liver disease. So, go ahead and have your glass of wine and enjoy it. And I'll drink to that.