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I have been a drinker for 15 years now and I am not about to quit.  However, I have started to have diabetes about one and a half years ago and I now have to go on some oral medications called metformin and glipizide.  I want to know about mixing alcohol with these two medications and what the effects can be.  Also what can I do to avoid anything with any effects that can occur.  I would like to be able to have a drink every night after work like I always do.  What do I drink, you ask?  I usually have a Jack and coke every night after work.  I eat pretzels or other snack with it while watching football.  So is this going to be a problem, you think?  I hope not because I need one vice at least lol.


It isn’t that best thing to drink every night for your diabetes.  If you do drink, you need to include it with your diabetic eating plan.  The Coke you drink and the Jack Daniels both have carbohydrates so you need to count these.  I am afraid this will be more carbs than you are allotted for in the evening unless you are using your dinner carbs for this. I would hate to see you use your meal carb units for alcohol.  You can cut some of the carbs by drinking diet cola instead.  This could cut out 1-2 carb units out of your alcoholic drink.  I hope you try to cut back on the drinks to a few times a week instead of every night.  Drinks cause hyperglycemia and in excess, will cause a hypoglycemic event that could be dangerous, especially if you are alone when it happens.  Be safe and reasonable when you are a diabetic drinking alcohol.