so, i'm not usually a hypochondriac or anything.. but i fear something is wrong. lately (in the last month or so) when i drink alcohol i experience severe stomach pain.. like horrendous gnawing, churning, mouth wateringly bad pain. accompanied with nausea, serious bloating, gas, and tonight after having one glass of white whine my pain and nausea were so bad i vomited. it wasn't consistent, every time i drank, up until the last two weeks and now it has been every time i drink any amount of alcohol. (which obvi isn't very much when i am in pain, heh) I have never had any aversion like this to alcohol. I am 21. i don't drink very heavily. frequently though. other than being an extreme good time killer (tonight was one of my best friends birthdays, would have liked to have been able to have more than one drink at the bar, ey. and not go home clutching my stomach in tears! woe! agony! i am not cut out for this enjoyment of alcohol and good timery thingy that is going on, bye folks!) it's very painful. anyway, hmm.. 21, i think i am generally healthy, in good shape, eat very healthily, no medical issues. i have no idea what can be causing this.... :-( the pain is also always located upper abdomen..under my sternum pretty much.